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Big Sister/Little Sister


Big Sister/Little Sister Picnic in 1984
Courtesy MHC Archives


Odds and Evens - Early on in the history of Mount Holyoke, the classes created a connection between the incoming freshman and upperclass women. In 1914, these upperclass sisters were the seniors, but by 1922, the classes were divided into years, with the odd-year classes as sisters to each other and the evens likewise. They cheered their sister class at any class competitions, and would sing to them at campus sings and activities such as Top Spinning. The bond was strengthened in 1937 when freshman houses were created. In each of the four houses, there were 10-15 juniors to counsel and protect the freshmen, thus strengthening the bond between the classes. In recent years, with the absence of freshmen housing and most class-related activities, the tradition of big and little sisters has diminished somewhat, although they were still expected to bring their "Little" to Convocation and to the Big Sister/Little Sister Ice cream social. This year, 2003, only the social was arranged. Perhaps this tradition can be revived before it is lost to time and memory like so many of Mount Holyoke's Traditions.

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