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La Boheme
London 1900's
Beat Culture
Hippie Culture

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"The hippies...recall the Bousingos of the 1830's. The takers of LSD descend perhaps from the hashish-eaters of the 1840's. The modern student demonstrations sometimes recall the battle of Hernani and the wilder excesses of the Jeunes France. The behavior is similar, for the background is much the same."

-Joanne Richardson, The Bohemians

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There were many similarities between the lifestyles of bohemians and hippies. Both bohemians and hippies...

  • left their middle-class lives to live with others who shared the same beliefs
  • felt the need to rebel against authority
  • felt a certain lack of purpose in their lives
  • expressed their dissaproval of authority by wearing distinct clothing


Just as Bohemians used art and writing, hippies used their distinct music to rebel against authority and define a whole generation. At Woodstock, a major music festival during the summer of 1969, hippies celebrated the ideas of their generation through music.

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Bohemian and Hippie Lifestyles

The families of bohemians and hippies lived in bourgeois comfort, with money enough for food, nice clothing, and a few luxuries. However, bohemians and hippies often gave up this comfortable lifestyle to live in poverty, exploring themselves and the world around them. Bohemians in the Latin Quarter of Paris, and hippies in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Fransisco all lived together, sharing ideas and cultivating distinct counter-cultures.


The Need to Rebel

Most generations have a need to rebel against authority. The bohemian and hippie rebellions left permanent marks on the world. Bohemians and hippies alike did not agree with most of the ideas of mainstream society, and through their writing, music, and clothes, expressed their new ideas.


The Lack of Purpose

When bohemians and hippies rejected their bourgeois lifestyles for lives of poverty and idleness, they made a conscious choice based on tier ideas. Many of the bohemians and hippies felt as if their lives had no purpose, and that they could contribute more to society through their music, writing, art, and philosophies than by holding mainstream jobs.


Unique Fashions

Both hippies and bohemians wore clothing that mocked mainstream culture. Bohemians often wore clothes of different styles with bright colors in order to stand out and mock the bourgeoisie. Hippies borrowed many of their fashion ideas from the bohemians, wearing brightly colored clothes and styles that originated not only from the Parisian bohemians, but also with the gypsies of the Czech Republic.


Bohemians and hippies shared many common traits, including a rejection of the comfortable, bourgeois lifestyle, a need to rebel, a lack of purpose in their lives, and a distinct fashion that mocked the mainstream culture.