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A Feminist Daily Newspaper in France?

In March of 1848, Euginie Niboyet (a self educated dressmaker) put together La Voix des Femmes, the first feminist daily newspaper in France. Male collaboration was welcome and among the contributors was a little know republican named Victor Hugo.

"La femme Libre" Author unknown. The title, not only the title of the picture but also the one of the original titles Jeanne Deroin (et al) sifted through before publishing "Tribune des Femmes"


In the third issue of La Voix des Femmes on March 23, 1848 the editors printed the following statements under the heading "Ce Qui Est" (translated to "That Which Exists"). These statements had originally been published in the early 1840's by an English antislavery activist Anne Knight (1786-1862). Knight was a dedicated activist, often lecturing in France against slavery. She tried to "spread the cause" of women's rights using global examples of women in power.

Ce Qui Est

Young women of the Gauls had the right to make the laws, they were legislators.

In some tribes, African Women have the right to vote.

Anglo-Saxon women participated in England in the legislature.

The women of the Hurons, one of the strongest tribes in North America, made up a council, the elders followed their advice. . . .





The Political Development of the Second Republic: As Seen Through the Eyes of Female Activists


February 1848 - June 1848 : The most optomistic phase, granting the freedom of public expression.

During this time mainly student groups lead disturbances. Immediately following the February revolution of 1848 political clubs sprang into action and radical newspapers were permitted to appear. This was supported by the left hand political side in their hopes foe a new era of social justice. Jeanne Deroin founded Club de l'Emancipation des Femmes (the Club for the Emancipation of Women) with fellow activists Desiree Gay, Adele Esquiros, and Eugenie Niboyet. The first formal meeting of La Societe de la Voix took place on May 11, 1848.


June 1848 - December 1848 : A shift in Power to conservative republicans (reduction of political freedom).


December 1848 - December 1851: Louis Napoleon prepared his Coup d'Etat

L'Opinion des Femmes, a monthly publication was edited by the one and only Jeanne Deroin from January 28, 1848 until August 10, 1849. In April of 1849, Jeanne Deroin stood as the first women candidate in the legislative elections. Although her candidacy was declared unconstitutional and laughed at by many of male counterparts.

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