Paris: City of Light

Defining the Parisians


Parisian Salons
 ~Salons of   Enlightenment
 ~Madame de   Stäel         
~Salons of the   Restoration
 ~The Salons of   Victor Hugo

Influence of Printed Materials
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Defining the Parisians
 ~Parisians Viewed   by Foreigners
 ~Parisians   Viewed by   Themselves
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"All that can be found everywhere can be found in Paris"

~Les Misérables (Hugo, 513)

During the 18th and 19th centuries Paris had a renowned reputation for being the social, intellectual, and cultural center of the world. It was said to always have an eye to its future. The progressions made in this great city were left by the legacies of the Enlightenment and the Revolution. It was in this dynamic époque and glorious city that the Parisian population flourished. The social, political, and cultural changes that impacted the city could clearly be reflected in its brilliant people. They embodied all of its greatness.

Parisians had the reputation of being clearly and distinctively 'Parisian'. In a crowd of people they could be set apart from the rest. Everything they did, from the way the dressed to the way they walked and talked, was progressive. They were the model for all other Europeans to emulate. The way in which they carried on conversation reflected the ideals of the Enlightenment passed on by their famous salons. Their deep rooted knowledge was attributed to the access of information that flowed through the cosmopolitan city in newspapers and pamphlets. Thus, from both outer appearances and personality, Parisians carried themselves in a manner that reflected the characteristics which they acquired during a long period of revolution and modern thought that was born in Paris, the magnificent City of Light.


Parisians Viewed by Foreigners

Parisians Viewed by Themselves

Revolutionary Parisian Fashion