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Parisian Salons
 ~Salons of   Enlightenment
 ~Madame de   Stäel         
~Salons of the   Restoration
 ~The Salons of   Victor Hugo

Influence of Printed Materials
 ~Pre-Revolutionary   Timeline
 ~Post-Revolutionary   Timeline


Defining the Parisians
 ~Parisians Viewed   by Foreigners
 ~Parisians   Viewed by   Themselves
 ~Paris Fashion






"A certain incorruptability results from the mental fluid which is to the air of Paris what salt is to the water of the ocean. To breathe the air of Paris preserves the soul."

~ Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo had an obvious love and admiration for the city of Paris, evident in his masterpiece Les Misérables. Why was this city so influential to the rest of Europe and even the world? One reason Paris was the home of the Enlightenment and multiple revolutions is because it always had a distinct identity. Set apart from the provinces of France, Paris was consciously made the focal point for all of the nations's progress and prosperity.We have chosen three facets of Parisian life that both aided and reflected the growth of the city during the 18th and 19th centuries.




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