Paris: City of Light

The Influence of Printed Materials


Parisian Salons
 ~Salons of   Enlightenment
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~Salons of the   Restoration
 ~The Salons of   Victor Hugo

Influence of Printed Materials
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 ~Post-Revolutionary   Timeline


Defining the Parisians
 ~Parisians Viewed   by Foreigners
 ~Parisians   Viewed by   Themselves
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"The true division of humanity is this: the luminous and the dark.

To diminish the number of the dark, to increase the number of the luminous, behold the aim.

This is why we cry: education, knowledge! to learn to read is to kindle a fire...."

-Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (854)

Hugo's novel expresses that virtue and true progress come from the exposure to 'light,' meaning education. He states that ignorance is the greatest vice because it keeps people from recognizing and caring for the needs of others in a responsible way.

This portion of the web site focuses on the print industry of Paris. I will argue that the development of a "print capital" facilitated the stages of France's growth during the 18th and 19th centuries by becoming a popular and accessible way to bring 'light' to the people, both sufferers and enforcers of economic prejudice (Roche, 661).