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Special Collections Sources


In preparing for your multimedia project, you may find these books and subject headings helpful.  Books which are located in MH/Rare Books should be requested in advance, using the form at  www.mtholyoke.edu/offices/library/arch/spreq.htm.


·        Paris, It’s Sites and Spectacles


Subject headings:  

            Paris (France)—Social life and customs—19th century

            Paris (France)—Social life and customs—18th century

            Paris (France)—Guidebooks


Selected works:

Delvau, Alfred. Les cythères parisiennes : histoire anecdotique des bals de Paris.  1864.    MH/RARE BOOKS   DC715 .D34 1864

Illustrated with 24 etchings. A humorous look at the dances and entertainments of Paris.  The illustrations are quite small.  In some cases, e.g., Le Chateau des Fleurs, one can compare the description in this book with that in Joanne’s guide.


Jarves, James Jackson,  Parisian sights and French principles, seen through American spectacles.  1852.   MH/RARE BOOKS   F83A 9J28


Joanne, Adolphe Laurent.  Paris illustré : son histoire, ses monuments, ses musées, son administration, son commerce et ses plaisirs : nouveau guide des voyageur...  1855.  

      MH/RARE BOOKS   DC708.J52 1855

Information on hotels, restaurants, various attractions, walking tours.  Illustrations include pictures of modes of transportation, important buildings (Le vieux Louvre, Palais de Justice), and general scenes (e.g., “Paris vu de l’Arc de Triomphe”), and a map of Cimetière du Père Lachaise, which was not only where famous people like Molière and Mlle. Clairon were buried but which was also a pleasure garden.


Huart, Louis. Muséum parisien; histoire physiologique, pittoresque, philosophique et grotesque de toutes les bêtes curieuses de Paris et de la banlieue …  1841.  

      MH/RARE BOOKS   DC715 .H87 1841

Satirical look at the citizens of Paris loosely based on the comte de Buffon's natural histories.  Illustrated with 350 vignettes.


Fournel, Victor. Ce qu'on voit dans les rues de Paris.  1858.

      MH/RARE BOOKS   DC715 .F64 1858

Published without pictures.  Chapter headings include: Musiciens ambulants, L’art de la flanerie, Marchands d’habits, Decency forbids (on graffiti), La morgue, La portraituromanie—considérations sur le daguerrotype.



·        Political Resistance Through Caricature and the Revolutionary Tradition


            Subject headings:

French wit and humor, Pictorial

France—History—February Revolution, 1848

France—History—Revolution, 1789-1799


Selected works:

Charlet, Nicolas-Toussaint. Croquis à la manière noire.  1840.

      MH/RARE BOOKS    NC1499.C53 C8 1840 X Folio

        18 caricatures of French Army personnel, all drawn as Blacks.


Huart, Louis.  Physiologie de l'étudiant.  [1841?]   MH/RARE BOOKS   DC33.6 .C53 Min.

One of many physiologies in our collection, this one concerns students.  All these books are attempts to use the then current science of physiognomy to describe typical French “types”.  The result are humorous sketches of different classes of people.  These are verbal caricatures of people from many walks of life, with a few small illustrations.


Richomme, Charles Eugène Honoré,  Journées de la Révolution de 1848.  [1848?]

      MH/RARE BOOKS       DC261.H66

A first-hand accounts of the Revolution of 1848.  We also have first-hand accounts of the Revolution of 1789-99.



·        “The Dangerous Classes”/The Underworld


            Subject headings:



France—Social conditions—18th century

France—Social conditions—19th century


            Selected works:

Villermé, Louis René.  Des prisons, telles qu'elles sont et telles qu'elles devraient être…  1820.    MH/MAIN MICROFORMS   Microfiche 039


Parent-Duchâtelet, A.-J.-BDe la prostitution dans la ville de Paris : considérée sous le rapport de l'hygiène publique, de la morale et de l'administration.  1857.  

      MH/MAIN MICROFORMS   Microfiche 030


France. Assemblée nationale constituante (1789-1791).  Collection générale des décrets rendus par l'Assemblée : et sanctionnés ou acceptés par le roi.  1790-91.  

      MH/RARE BOOKS    KJV4073.6 .F62 1790 v.1-7



·        The World of the Bourgeoisie    


            Subject headings:


                        France—Description and travel


            Selected works:

Willard, Emma.  Journal and letters, from France and Great Britain. 1833.

      MH/RARE BOOKS    D967.W67 1833

Written by the head of the Troy Female Seminary while convalescing in Europe.  She describes the journal from America to France and many aspects of French life.  Letter topics include “House of Deputies”, “Topography of Paris”, and “French language, Shop-keepers”.