Tuileries Palace
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Situated on the right bank of the River Seine, the Tuileries Palace played its most important role during the French Revolution. Louis XVI and his family were forced to live here after the revolt at Versailles in October of 1789. On August 10, 1792, Tuileries Palace saw its own revolt when French citizens stormed the palace.

On September 20, 1792. Tuileries became the meeting place of the National Convention, the group of 371 deputies that were to create a new constitution for the country. The National Convention met here along with other government committees including the Committee of Publis Safety and the Committee for General Security. The name of the palace was actually changed from Tuileries Palace to le Palais National, thus showing how quickly this building became home to the new national government.

The Tuileries was alos well known for its gardens wchich were a major gathering place for artists and musicians -as can be seen in Manet's 1862 La Musique aux Tuileries (Music in the Tulieries) below:



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