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Beaumont's Banquet Femino-Socialiste, no date given (Moses)


Banquet Femino-Socialiste

This 19th Century caricature by Edouard de Beaumont depicts the popularized negative view on feminism. In its original publication, the words under the image read: "A l'abolition de la famille!" ("To the abolishment of family.") In Beaumont's time, (and argueably, still today) women's freedom was associated with the destruction of family. Of course, the irony in this picture comes from the full, pregnant stomach of the woman making the toast. She is against family and yet, she has children to take care of. Not only is the women pregnant but there are two children in the picture who are not being tended to. It seems as if Beaumont was asking: what will happen to our children if we liberate our women?