Women: Conformity vs. Resistance

The Women Writers of 19th Century France
Women Writers
Sand vs. Tristan
--Rebels I
--Rebels II
--George Sand
--Flora Tristan

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 The Writers

In 19th Century France, two types of women writers stood out: the novelist who intertwined her political view within the story, and the political activist who outrightly fought women's oppression in society and the household. These women wrote in different styles with different goals but they all had one thing in common: to some degree they were all rebelling by refusing to be simple housewives. They opposed the common notion at the time that women were simply slaves to their husbands and decorations to show off at social gatherings. These women were the educated few who chose to forever change the lives of French Women.


        La Femme Libre

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George Sand


Flora Tristan 


Novelism vs. Activism

Two of the most admirable French women of the time were George Sand (a novelist) and Flora Tristan (an activist). Both of these women are often considered the inspiration for the women's movement, rising in the mid-19th century. Both were strong advocates for women's education and the right to divorce, but beyond that their beliefs diverged. Read on to find out what these two women stood for and why they were the inspiration to so many others. Who inspired Sand and Tristan and why did these two glorified women remain rivals until Tristan's death in 1844?

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