Unmasking the Bourgeoise

The Romance, The Arrangement...
The Consequence

A Love Story




Real Life

Within the walls of Bourgeois society its members were preoccupied with lust, beauty, desire, and used their money as a shield from the world. In her imagination, the proper maiden paraded around the French streets, her umbrella protecting her face and her crisp dress, with a dashing man in a top hat at her arm. After their courtship, the proper maiden and dashing man got married and lived healthy, happy lives. Despite the glamourous dreams of the Bourgeoisie, many members suffered harsh realities. Both the husband and the wife were able to petition for a divorce...until Napoleon came into power in 1803 and abolished it. Then the wives had to find an alternative to divorce, and some of them did--murder.

Fourberies De Femmes, Gavarni, 19th C.

"History with a purpose was a favored device of nineteenth century middle class society: providing through scholarship and literature an apparently ideal vehicle for passing on cherished ideas and values to a rising generation" (Rowbotham, 141).






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