Unmasking the Bourgeoise


A Love Story




Real Life


 "Romance": The definition of this word has depreciated over the years to its present day meaning, used mainly to describe feelings of intimacy between two people with a hint of passion and a leaning towards Love. But for a time during the 19th century, sandwiched between the reliance on reason and logic of the 18th century, and the gradual trend towards symbolism and surrealism of the 20th century, Romanticism was a way of life, a trend that made devout followers of philosophers, poets, and artists around the world. It was an age of emotions, when the heart was considered to be more sensible than brain. It was a time of courtship and carefully arranged marriages, a time when the actual romances were nothing like the ideal love esteemed so highly in literature and art. It was an age that nurtured philosophers and writers and poets and artists, and brought them up to abhor the cold logic of the 18th century in favor of emotions and feelings. Women were trained to be wives and bred for marriage, and men courted them, some for their love, some for their dowry, some for their beauty, and if they were really lucky, they married them for all three…