The French Revolution

1789-1799: Revolutionary Upheaval
Revolutionary Tradition and Les Mis
Revolution 1789
--The Monarchy
--Tennis Court Oath
--Fall of the Bastille
--October Days
--Declaration of War
--Palace Invaded
--Louis XVI
--Reign of Terror
-- Fall of Robespierre
--At war
1789 in Les Miserables
--The Terror
--The People
--The Students
--The Monarchy
--Place de Concord
--Notre Dame
Daily Sites
--Street Names
--Children's Names and Games
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a guide to the prominent figures of the Revolution

The French Revolution was a defining event in European history. It was also an important time period for Victor Hugo. His committment to France as a Republic stemmed from the Revolution of 1848; a Revolution depended on the people of France, in the tradition of 1789. In his novel Les Miserables, Hugo repeatedly refers to events and people that shaped France between 1789-1799, particulalry in the Saint Denis chapter of the novel. This page provides information crucial to understanding the French Revolution: information which is essential for interpreting Les Miserables.


a sampling of the events that shaped France between 1789-1799

 Time Line:

a comprehensive list of all important events between 1789-1799