Sites and Sounds of Revolutionary Paris

Daily Sites
Revolutionary Tradition and Les Mis
Revolution 1789
--The Monarchy
--Tennis Court Oath
--Fall of the Bastille
--October Days
--Declaration of War
--Palace Invaded
--Louis XVI
--Reign of Terror
-- Fall of Robespierre
--At war
1789 in Les Miserables
--The Terror
--The People
--The Students
--The Monarchy
--Place de Concord
--Notre Dame
Daily Sites
--Street Names
--Children's Names and Games
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Any person traveling along the rues of Paris would undoubtly run into one of the several common features of Paris during the 1850's. Each of the following daily occurrences contributed to Paris's distinguished character and reputation as one of the most modern city's of the world during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

--Street Names
--The Guillotine
--Children's Names and Games