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 Pastel Drawing of Women on their way to Versailles, from Decaux



 For the duration of the Revolution, bread was in short supply much to the chagrin of French women. The harvest of 1789 had been poor, and France was in debt. On October 5, 1789 crowds of Parisian women met at City Hall to demand bread and when they were refused marched the 12 miles to Versailles to confront the royal family. After relating their need to Louis, he promised the women that he would send grain to Paris.

This was not enough for the crowd however, and they insisted that the King and his family return with them to Paris. On October 6, the royal family returned to the city that was the heart of the revolution escorted by women carry pikes, some of which held the heads of the King's guards. This was extremely significant because the king displayed that he was subject to the pressure of the people.


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