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17 JUNE : The third estate declares that it is now the National Assembly.

14 JULY: The Fall of the Bastille.

17 JULY: The first wave of nobles emigrates.

26 AUGUST: The Assembly adoptes The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

16 SEPTEMBER: The first edition of Marat's journal "The Friend of the People" is published.

5-6 OCTOBER: October Days. Parisian women march to Versailles and demand that the royal family return to Paris.

19 OCTOBER: The National Assembly is installed in Paris, and the precursor of the Jacobin Club is formed.


27 APRIL: The Cordeliers club is formed.

21 SEPTEMBER: The Tricolor is declared the national flag.

27 NOVEMBER: The Civil Consitiution of the Clergy goes into effect.


20 JUNE: The royal family attempts to flee France and is apprehended at Varennes.

3 SEPTEMBER: The National Assembly votes on a constitution. Ten days later it is ratified by the King.

1 OCTOBER: The Legislative Assembly is formed.


15 MARCH: The Girondins are in power.

20 APRIL: France declares war on Austria and Prussia.

11 JUNE: The King vetos several of the Legislative Assembly's key decrees.

10 AUGUST: The people invade the Tuileries palace and take the King and his family hostage.

21 SEPTEMBER: The Legislative Assembly becomes the Convention and the Monarchy is abolished.

22 SEPTEMBER: The Republic of France is declared

11 DECEMBER: The trial of Louis XVI begins.


21 JANUARY: Execuation of Louis XVI.

1 FEBRUARY: France declares war on England and The Netherlands.

10 MARCH: The Criminal Tribunal is created.

6 APRIL: The Committee of Public Safety is created.

2 JUNE: The Fall of the Girondins

13 JULY: The assasination of Marat by Charlotte Corday.

27 JULY: Robespierre sits on the Committee of Public Safety.

23 AUGUST: The Convention decrees a levee en masse which makes military service obligatory for all French men.


10 OCTOBER: The Committee declares that the government of France is "revoluationary" (not constiutional) until the end of the war.

16 OCTOBER: The execution of Marie Antoinette, the wife of Louis XVI.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER: France is victorious in its war against most of Western Europe.


30 MARCH: Danton and Desmoulins are arrested. They are guillotined 6 days later.

4 JUNE: Ropespierre is elected President of the Convention.

JUNE-JULY: The Terror persists and France continues to be victorious in war.

27 JULY: Robespierre and his followers are arrested and guillotined. The Convention and the Commitee of Public Safety are repalced by the Thermidorian Convention.

12 NOVEMBER: The Convention closes all Jacobin clubs in Paris.


1 APRIL: Insurrection by the Sans-Culottes is dispersed by the National Gaurd.

20 MAY: The Sans-Culottes riot for three days.

8 JUNE: The heir to the throne, Louis XVII, dies in prison.

JULY-AUGUST: France has continued military success.

22 AUGUST: France adopts a new constiution.

26 OCTOBER: The Directory becomes the governing body of France.


MARCH-MAY: Napoleon Bonaparte has success in his military campaigns throughout Europe.

15-17 NOVEMBER: Napoleon beats the Austrians in battle.


4 SEPTEMBER: The Royalists win many seats in the Directory in the elections.


11 MAY: The Jacobins are victorious in France's elections.

MAY-AUGUST: Napoleon has military success in Egypt.

29 DECEMBER: England, Russia, and Italy sign a pact against France.


9 OCTOBER: Napoleon returns to France, leaving his armies in Eygpt.

9-10 NOVEMBER: Napoleon takes over the Directory. This is the end of THE REVOLUTION.

This information was taken from the appendix of Decaux and translated by Anna de Vries.

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