The Working Classes in Revolutionary France
Up Close and Personal with
Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People



  • 1830 / 1832

  • 1848

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  • Analysis of The Painting:

    This painting celebrated the day, during the 1830 Revolution, that the people rose and fought for their liberty. Delacroix used the painting as a political poster for the revolution. Delacroix was a member of the National Gaurd, and he placed himself into the picture as the man on the left wearing a top-hat (close-up shown below).

    Argan defined this canvas as the first political work of modern painting. There is a sense of full participation from the artist. With the outstretched figure of liberty, the vibrant, bold fighters contrasting to the lifeless dead casualties in the foreground, the heroic poses of the people fighting for liberty, the painting illustrates the struggle of the people for their liberty, and allows the viewer to empathize with that struggle.


    Delacroix is on the right wearing a top hat and seems very serious as he fights for the liberty of the people.