The Working Classes in Revolutionary France

Shouts Out


Lauren and Amanda would like to say thank you to all the people who've helped us out with this project, and all those who've made our lives a little better. 

 From Lauren:

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 From Amanda:

Professor Schwartz, who made this possible.

Mark Traugott, wherever he may be, because as anyone who's read my citations can tell, this site would not be possible without him.

My Parents, I can't say thank you enough.

My grandparents, they never get the credit and thanks they deserve.

My awesome partner Lauren; our project might not be the best, but something tells me we had the most fun.

My cool roommate Connie, what's up.

Francie, even though she can't be here, because she's having fun in Australia, she still helped me through this semester.

Erin, you're not really graduating are you? You made Mount Holyoke worth being at.

Aaron, I don't think I even have to say why.

Jen Hyde, whenever I think of my best friends and the best times of my life I will always think of you. And we're still tied.

Sandra, we been like sisters since high school and we always be.

Jay and company. Thanks for being there on my birthday. And I thought you were Randy's friends.

Mike Feeney, and all the rest like him who made me who I am today, and I lost touch with somewhere along the way.

Jason Royer, because, who knows... it's good to have friends where you're going.