The Working Classes in Revolutionary France


  • 1830 / 1832

  • 1848

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  • "Do you ever go to the theater, Monsier Marius? I do. I have a little brother who is a friend of some artists, and who gives me tickets sometimes."

    (Hugo, 642)



    Cafes formed the heart of working class life and interactions. They served as a general meeting place, as well as a site for planning. They were places were the working class went, typically in the evening, but also for a midday meal, to escape the harsh realities of their lives through drinking and companionship. They were frequented mainly by men.


    This scene depicts an open air market on the Boulevard du Temple, a working class neighborhood of Paris.

    L'Illustration, 10 February 1844, p376 as taken from Traugott


     Other Entertainment

    The working class also occasionally partook of other forms of entertainment such as the theater or the opera. They also gathered to play games such as boule and sing.