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Mont Blanc by P.B. Shelley, 1817

Portrait d'Horace-Benedict de Saussure by Saint-Ours
Swiss Doctor who was the first to
reach the summit of Mont Blanc

Monsieur Desaussure, his sons and guides on the ascent of Mont Blanc by Henri Leveque, 1788

Vue du Mont-Blanc pres de Saint-Martin by Bacler d'Albe, 1804

Passage du Bon Nant (Vallee de St-Gervais) by Bacler d'Albe

View of the Needle of Dru, from the Green Needle with the glacer of Wood
[Vue de l'aiguille du Dru, de l'aiguille Verte avec le glacier de Bois] by Grundmann

View of the Valley of Chamonix from the Avanchet [Vue de la vallee de Chamouni depuis l'Avanchet] by Jalabert, 1777
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