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View of the Falls of Chede in the Valley of Chamonix [Vue de la cascade de Chede dans la vallee de Chamouni] by Grundmann

View of the Falls of the Sea of Ice [Vue de la Chute de la Mer de glace] by Albanis Beaumont, 1787

Entry into the Chamonix Valley [Entree dans la Vallee de Chamonix] by Johan Daniel Huber and G. Lory, 1788

View of the Source of the Arveron River [Vue de la Source de l'Arveron ] by M.T. Bourit and A. Moitte, 1780

Mont Blanc from the Brevin, unsigned and undated, probably by an English painter

View of the Frozen Garden [Vue prise du jardin] by Birmann, 1826

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