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There is no true definition for Supernatural Help.

The best way to approach the subject is to attempt to define the individual groups involved. These groups can be divided into two categories: "Cunning Folk" and "Fairy Cults."

Cunning Folk- The healers, midwives, and counselors. These people often assisted the witch hunt as "finders", but conversely, they also helped the public by identifying a supernatural opponent in order to cure the needy and infirm.

Fairy Cults- Men and women who joined in rituals either for adventure or to defend people against evil in the form of mischevious witches. Most of the fairies did not see themselves in a negative light, some of them even saw themselves as protectors of Christianity.

The significance of Supernatural Helpers is widely debated.  The consensus seems to be, however, that they contributed to the Witching Years. Whether they aided the public, or aided the witch-finders, they supported the belief in witches. Therefore, there is some justification in the claim that they had some influence.


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