Demonology: The Demonologists

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Demonologists, especially in France and Germany, were responsible for centralizing many widespread popular beliefs about witches into works that were circulated among the elites in Europe.

Through their writings, demonologists had the effect of heightening the witch craze and intensifying local authorities prosecution of witches.

While demonologists had a strong impact on the witch hunts in Europe, it is important to note that not everything demonologists wrote about was considered fact. Indeed, there are many cases where common court practice differs from the demonologists' recommendations.

(F.M. Guazzo, The Sabbath Feast, 1610)

Demonologists wrote extensively on such topics as:

(Michael Herr, Witches at Work, 1600s)

  • the typical witch
  • practices of witches
  • the devil and demons
  • exorcism
  • methods for trying witches

These images reflect early modern beliefs about practices of witches, including the sabbat, as outlined by demonologists.


Prominent demonologists and their works include:
Heinrich Kramer and Jakob Sprenger

 Malleus Mallficarum


 Jean Bodin

On the Demon-Mania of Witches


 Henry Bogeut

An Examen of Witches


 Nicolas Remy



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