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Vanity: A Sin Throughout the Ages
 Vanity is often considered to be a weakness. Today, we may laugh at people who look at themselves in the mirror for too long. This idea is not an invention of oour time. It has been around since the witching years. Vanity was actually considered to link people to the Devil. The Devil would watch a narcesistic person contemplating her own image and then capture her as one of his subjects. The relationship between vanity and mirrors has made the mirror an emblem of witchcraft, and the seduction of future witches by the devil.  Mirror Detail:


Image courtesy Hist257/stephwhit

In this scene, a woman is pictured outside looking into a mirror. She is focusing her attention on herself and her own vanity rather than work or good deeds.

She has abandoned whatever useful task she was performing when she was enticed by her own reflection. this is demonstrated by the apparatus that seems to have been carelessly dropped at her feet.

Unbenouced to the woman in the picture, there is a devil lurking behind her. She is so entraced by the mirror that she did not notice his presence. While she is being seduced by her own vanity he is slipping a hook around her waist. Once he has taken hold of her it is likely that she will not be able to escape.

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