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Necromancy and the Witch of Endor



Charles Brochard, The Witch of Endor, 1829

Image courtesy Hist257/Images/witch13

Necromancy is a subject that was not pictured often in images of witches and their cohoarts. It was the kind of idea that existed more in oral, and eventually written form than in the form of paintings, drawings, or prints. The only images available that pertained to the topic were actually images of the witch who was the main symbol of necromancy. That woman was the Witch of Endor. She is a famous witch who has biblical references, and she has also been featured in Stowe's book Women in Sacred History made in 1873.

This is an image of The Witch of Endor made in 1829 by Charles Brochart.

There are biblical references to the Witch of Endor. She is pictered in this painting, but her main purpose was often left out of works of art. 

"Saul, rejected form God, looked for help from the Witch of Endor, asking her to call up the spirit of the prophet Samuel. She thus became a prototype of the late medieval necromancer."(Emblem, 949)

The idea of necromancy was one of significance to demonologists, yet it is hard to find actual illustrations of this activity.

"This scene of necromancy, present to the minds of sixteenth-century demonologists, was rarely illustrated."(Emblem, 949)

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