The Grand Tour in the 17th and 18th centuries was the quintessential vacation for the wealthy, mainly male, English elite.

The Bluestockings

For some, like the Bluestockings and the character Henry Clerval in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it was a chance at liberation from the confines of English decorum and tradition. To find out more about the Bluestockings click on Bluestocking Elizabeth Linley on the left. To find out more about travel in Mary Shalley's novel Frankenstein, click on the text.


A favorite Grand Tour destination among the well-traveled, and well-heeled, were the Swiss Alps. Famed for their breathtaking beauty, young men, nature lovers and Bluestockings alike traveled thousands of miles to witness the splendor of the Alps. Click on the picture of the Alps to the right to find out more about the mountain and Switzerland.
Destination: The Alps

For most male travelers, the Grand Tour marked the end of their adolescent years, as it was considered the last educational step toward adulthood. Click on the runaway carriage below to learn about the Grand Tour

Embark on a Grand Tour
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