Reverend Edward Stanley (1779-1849) 
Bishop of Norwich and mathematician, ornithologist and reformer 

If the realities of our own age are not so propitious to the aspiration of the poet, they afford abundant matter for the study, the admiration, and the delight of the philosopher. They abound with scientific wonders, they manifest the rapid march of intellect, they exhibit man competing with man, and nation with nation, in glorious rivalry for pre-eminence in art, science and literature, in conquering prejudice, and in advancing the 'end and aim' of creation - human happiness. Of all the promoters of civilisation, the Railway System of communication will be amongst the foremost in its effects, for it cannot fail to produce many and mighty changes in manufactures, in commerce, in trade and in science... 

No words can convey an adequate notion of the magnificence ( I cannot use a smaller word ) of our progress. At first it was comparatively slow; but soon we felt that we were GOING, and then it was that every person to whom the conveyance was new, must have been sensible that the adaptation of locomotive power was establishing a fresh era in the state of society... 

The most intense curiosity and excitement prevailed... and ... enormous masses of densely packed people lined the road, shouting and waving hats and handkerchiefs as we flew by them. What with the sight and sound of these cheering multitudes and the tremendous velocity with which we were borne past them, my spirits rose to true champagne height.... 

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