History and Statistics: Patterns of Family and Community Life
in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century France

Robert Schwartz History
Harriet Pollatsek Mathematics

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Syllabus for History 101 (04)

Books available for purchase at the College Book Store:

  • S. de Beauvoir, Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (Harper Collins pb)
  • Wayne C. Booth et al., The Craft of Research (Chicago pb)
  • Gillian Tindall, Célistine (Henry Holt) paper if possible
  • Course Packet
    The course packet contains additional readings which are indicated in the syllabus by (CP). It is available in the History Department, 310 Skinner; a fee will be charged to offset the cost of duplication of this packet and miscellaneous photocopying during the semester.

    Books on reserve in the Library

    • J. L. Flandrin, Families in Former Times
    • B. Smith, Changing Lives. Women in European History Since 1700
    • Books followed by (R) will also be placed on reserve.

    Course Requirements

    1. Regular attendance.
    2. Informed participation in class discussions
    3. Several oral presentations
    4. A number of analytical essays

    I. In Rural France of the Eighteenth Century

     Sept.5 Introduction: Differing Views of Family and Community Life
    David Popenoe, "The Breakup of the Family" [in late 20th-century America] (handout), published in 1991.
    Pierre Jean-Baptise Le Grand d'Aussy: Voyage d'Auvergne [Voyage in the Auvergne, an account of a voyage by a bourgeois traveler], published in 1788.
    F. Y. Bernard [1752-1842], Mémoires d'un Nonagenaire [Memoirs of a Ninety-Year Old, reminiscences of a bourgeois priest who lived in the area about which he wrote.], published ca. 1840.
      The Patriarch as Hero
     Sept. 10 Rétif de la Bretonne, My Father's Life (CP), introduction, books 1-3
     Sept. 12 Rétif de la Bretonne, My Father's Life, Book 4 and Ploughman's Wife
     Sept. 17 D.G. Carlton, "Happy Families: (1) The Age of Innocence; (2) The New Eve" and Town and Country" in his New Images of the Natural (CP)
     Sept. 19 Mark Poster, "Patriarchy and Sexuality: Rétif and the Peasant Family," The Eighteenth Century 25 (1984): 217-240 (CP)
    E. Le Roy Ladurie, "Rétif de la Bretonne as a Social Anthropologist: Rural Burgundy in the Eighteenth-Century" (CP)
     Sept. 24 Power in the Village: Reconstructing Patterns of Village Office Holding
     Sept. 26 Assignments to be explained.

    II. History and Fiction: The Representations of Rural Life by Honore de Balzac and George Sand

     Oct. 1 Balzac, selections from The Peasants (ca. 1844)
     Oct. 2 Lab: Film-"Impromptu"
     Oct. 3 George Sand, The Devil's Pool (1848) (CP)
     Oct. 8 George Sand, The Devil's Pool
     Oct. 10  
    October Break

    III. Reconstructing the Lives of Ordinary People: Célestine (1844-1933) and Others

     Oct. 17  
     Oct. 22  
     Oct. 24  
     Oct. 29  
     Oct. 31  
     Nov. 5  
     Nov. 7  
     Nov. 12  
     Nov. 14  
     Nov. 19  
     Nov. 21  
     Nov. 26  
     Thanksgiving Break  
     Dec. 3  
     Dec. 5  
     Dec. 10  
     Dec. 12  
     Week 10-11 The Bourgeoisie
    B. G. Smith, "The New Woman" in her Changing Lives, chap. 8 (CP)
    Simone de Beauvoir, Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, (Cleveland, Ohio: World Publishing Co., 1959), pp. 7-14 (birth and early childhood); 64-70 (impact of World War I), 105-115 (puberty and changing views of parents), 134-141 (consciousness of her social class), 158-163 (girl's school), 186-189 (social attitudes on higher education for young women); 198-202 (higher education, father's attitude, her future to include work), 313-15 (practice teaching, thoughts on womanhood, herself), 358-66 (the beginning of her friendship with Jean-Paul Satre). [Zaza was Beauvoir's closest friend; Heraud was an early friend and romantic interest at the Ecole Normale; "Beaver" was the nickname he gave her to signify her gregariousness] (CP)
     Week 11-12  
     Week 13 IV. Conclusion: Variation, Continuity, and Change
    Reading to be assigned.
    Second comment on Popenoe article due.



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