Art and Linear Perspective

Paul Staiti
Art Department
 Giuliana Davidoff
Mathematics Department

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Slide List: Art and Linear Perspective ILLUSION IN ART Art 100
Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, Jan Six, 1654
William Michael Harnett, American, After the Hunt, 1885

Modeling (Chiaroscuro):
        Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, Madonna and Child with St. Anne, drwg, 1501
        Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, Gentleman with Tall Hat and Gloves, c1625
        James McNeil Whistler, American, Self-Portrait, 1900

Atmospheric Perspective:
        Albert Bierstadt, American, Hetch-Hetchy Canyon, 1875
        Fitz Hugh Lane, American, Boston Harbor, 1855

Scale Relationships and Overlap:
        John Constable, English, Wivenhoe Park, 1816
        Egyptian, Ti Watching Hippopotamus Hunt, 2450 BCE
        Mogul, Bull Introduced to Lion's Court, 1596

        Mogul, Majnun Evesdropping on Layla, 1560
        William Holman Hunt, English, Awakening Conscience, 1854

Figure/Ground Relationships:
        Mogul, Sage Introduced to Wise Man's court, 1596
        Gilbert Stuart, American, The Skater-William Grant, 1782
        Edouard Vuillard, French, Mother and Sister of the Artist, 1893

Linear Perspective:
        Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Italian, Allegory of Good Government, 1337-39
        Master of the Barberini Panel, Italian, Annunication, c1435
        Raphael, Italian, The School of Athens, 1509-11
        Masaccio, Italian, The Trinity, 1428
        Masaccio, Italian, The Tribute Money , 1426-28
        Paolo Uccello, Italian, Chalice,
        Thomas Eakins, American, Lathe, 1860
        Andrea Pozzo, Italian, Triumph of St. Ignatius, 1691-94
        Paolo Uccello, Italian, Battle of San Romano, 1456-60
        Rene Magritte, French, Promenades of Euclid, 1955
        Giorgio di Chirico, Italian, Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, 1914
        William Hogarth, English, False Perspective, engraving, 1754
        Paul Cezanne, French, Mont Ste. Victoire, 1886-88
        Henri Matisse, French, Harmony in Red, 1908-09


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