Writing and Reckoning: Sign Systems and Argument in Verbal and Mathematical Communication

  Carolyn Collette,


Giuliana Davidoff,


Index | Syllabus  |  Language of Mathematics  |  Fermat's Last Theorem


Required Texts:

Finding Common Ground, Collette and Johnson
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Berendt
Best American Essays, 1997, ed. Ian Frazier


The course is structured according to the successive chapters of Finding Common Ground. Students will be expected to be reading on their own, and expected to bring xerox copies of relevant reading to class from time to time. This writing course expects writers to be active, engaged, and voracious readers. READING AND WRITING ARE SYMBIOTIC ACTIVITIES.
We will be spending 2-4 classes during the month of March inquiring into the difference between verbal and mathematical sign systems, in conjunction with Chapter 6 of FCG, "Reading and Writing in Professional Worlds"

Course Expectations:

Your presence and active participation is expected at each class. Missing classes for reasons other than real illness will jeopardize your chances of passing this course.

Numerous papers of varying lengths, and additional reading, some research, as need and desire arise out of class discussions.


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