Grading Scale for Corporate Finance Quizzes

The ranges used to determine final grades are as follows:
A=96-100%, A- =91-95%, B+ = 86-90%, B=81-85%, B- = 76-80%, C+=71-75%, C = 66-70%, C- =61-65%, D+=56-60%, D =51-55%, D- = 45-50% and below 45% = F.

The average grade for the top ten quiz scores is used in determining the grade assigned to quizzes. Because only the top ten quizzes are graded (and you will have an opportunity to take more than ten quizzes), if you miss any quiz,  for any reason,  you will not have the option to "make up" that quiz. Students who earn perfect scores on three consecutive quizzes (where double counted quizzes count as one in this succession) receive a bonus to be applied to future quiz scores. In the event of a double-counted quiz, students with accumulated bonus points can apply these points to only one of the double quiz scores. The final exam will be graded on the same scale as the quizzes (see above).