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Some of the data sources require registration, a few require both registration and credit card numbers. These sources are not endorsed by either Mount Holyoke College or Professor Gabriel. Mount Holyoke College and Professor Gabriel take no responsibility for the information provided by any of these sources.

Corporate Finance Data Sources


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North American Stock Exchanges:
The New York Stock Market
The NASDAQ Stock Market
The American Stock Exchange
Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board
Pacific Exchange
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Mid America Commodity Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Montreal Stock Exchange
Vancouver Stock Exchange

Global Stock Exchanges:
The London Stock Market
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Paris Bourse
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange of Singapore
Mumbai Stock Exchange (India)
African Stock Exchanges Guide

Stock Quotes:
Microsoft Investor-Quotes Page
PC Quote Europe

Newsletters & Discussion Groups:
The Contrary Investor
First Coverage Newsletter
The Silicon Investor
Smart Money

U.S. Security Data and Analysis:
Corporate Press Releases
Hoover's Handbook
Microsoft Investor
Guide to Mutual Funds
The Online Investor
S.E.C. Edgar Database
Stock Lab
Treasury Securities: Bureau of Public Debt

Global Security Data and Analysis:
Bank of New York ADRs
Global Investor
Investors Relations Asia
Morningstar International Stocks Analysis
Singapore's Financial Interactive Services
TrustNet: Global Funds Information
Wright Investors' Service

Stock Indices:
Financial Times World Market Indices
Global Investor-Country Index

Other Research Sources:
Currency and Interest Rate Information on theFinancials.com
Global Investing News
InterNet Bankruptcy Library
News Alert
Reuter's MoneyNet