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China: generally speaking

Posted by Alison Raymond on November 23, 1998 at 00:48:26:

In an overall assessment of the material presented on China I continue
not to have an understanding of what exactly happened and whether it was
good or bad. From what the articles explain is that something happened
where boom, China achieved one of the fastest economic growths. On 11/16
we discussed some of the factors that might have contributed to this growth.
From 1949-1978 there was shifting public policy, continous struggle in
party so no one seems to understand how within all this confusion China
seemed to come out ahead. From the end of 1978 to present day, what were
the reforms during this time period that enabled growth? The articles
provided give complicated mathematical reasoning for growth but what does
this mean to the rest of us and how do we use this to forecast future
growth in regards to the policies implemented?


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