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Re: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist?

Posted by Sarah Rokos on December 5, 1998 at 21:04:03:

In Reply to: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist? posted by Satya Gabriel on October 5, 1998 at 08:02:03:

: When we examine the histories of communist parties that have actually come to power
: we do not see much attempt to actually transfer control over the enterprise surpluses
: to the workers who produce that surplus (or, alternatively, perform the surplus labor).
: If communist parties do not foster communism, then why are they called communist parties?

As the Chinese Government is currently taking steps to
decentralize the economy and establish the responsibility system,
the government is supporting a system that does not lend itself
to communism. Enterprises are being forced to fend for themselves
under the responsibility system, and those in positions of
power must take measures to ensure the survival of the enterprise.
Often those measures lead to the exploitation of smaller and
weaker companies. Similarly, the establishment of the Township
Village Enterprises, in which an individual forms a contract with
the Chinese Government regarding the management of an enterprise,
is another example of why the government is not communist. Under
the system of TVE's, the government may offer their enterprise
the latest in equipment and technology as well as be more lax in
the enforcement of rules and regulations. The government in this
case is not looking out for the benefit of the whole at the
expense of the individual, as communism requires, but rather is
helping the individual at the expense of the whole. The
government and the management, not the workers, control the
surplus generated by the enterprise, often using it for their own
benefit. Because the Chinese Government is currently supporting
economic policies which involve exploitation of the weak, and work
for the benefit of a minority rather than the whole, it can not
be said that the Chinese Government is communist.


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