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Re: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist?

Posted by anna stolk on December 6, 1998 at 20:15:01:

In Reply to: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist? posted by Satya Gabriel on October 5, 1998 at 08:02:03:

: When we examine the histories of communist parties that have actually come to power
: we do not see much attempt to actually transfer control over the enterprise surpluses
: to the workers who produce that surplus (or, alternatively, perform the surplus labor).
: If communist parties do not foster communism, then why are they called communist parties?

Currently the Chinese are following a combination of socialist and capitalist
ideologies. With socialism representing the pathway to communism, the Chinese
do indeed, consider themselves to be communist. After the death of Mao and the
implementation of the 1978 reforms, one could say that, capitalist ideology
permeated the Chinese economic system. The communes were eventually abolished,
and township village enterprises were set up. The popular opinion that an
individual will work harder if he is self-exploiting, opposed to working for
government owned enterprises, is proven true in post-maoist china. The rural
direct producer produced a greater agricultural surplus during this time.
China is a very old, very complex country which has suffered at the hands of
corrupt governments throughout its history. In their quest for communism, the
Chinese are using capitalistic theories to advance their economy and bring them
closer to their actual goal, a utopian society - which for them equals communism.


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