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Are Communist Parties Anti-Communist

Posted by Quisquella Addison on December 6, 1998 at 23:07:06:

The idea of communism is a very noble one. It is an ideal that many people, especially those not in power, want to believe in. But, the main reason that Communism has not been implemented thus far in China, is because of the second step on the way to Communism, Socialism. While Socialism has been implemented in China, people have been able to work for themselves. While their earnings are not completely their own they still can feel self-reliant. Why change a system when the majority of the people seem content with it? China has experienced incredible growth, the people are not experiencing as much exploitation by government, and those that are not well off do not really have very much power anyway. Under Communism the centrality of the government would be dismantled thereby forcing government officials to work for themselves.
The Chinese Communist Party keeps its Communist part because of the sense of utopia and its look to the future. The premise being that, with hope of a communist government people have something to live and work for. In theory they will one day be the leaders of their nation. While China continues its steady growth, Communism will not be implemented. The people in power are making too much money to change the system now. They have not in the past except maybe during Mao's Great Leap Forward shown any faith in the people's ability to govern themselves, so why would they start now when it seems as if the government is doing such a great job at moving China forward?


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