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Re: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist?

Posted by Miki Yamada on December 7, 1998 at 19:18:35:

In Reply to: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist? posted by Satya Gabriel on October 5, 1998 at 08:02:03:

: When we examine the histories of communist parties that have actually come to power
: we do not see much attempt to actually transfer control over the enterprise surpluses
: to the workers who produce that surplus (or, alternatively, perform the surplus labor).
: If communist parties do not foster communism, then why are they called communist parties?
I remember the discussions in our class, saying that "the Chinese Communist party was
composed of communist members, but never meant to be a communist group. It is a socialist group."
It was based on Professor Gabriel's first essay "Capitalism, Socialism, and the 1949 Chinese Revolution."
I do see the Chinese Communist Party as a group who have socialist ideologies that use the capitalistic tactics.
I think the CCP members have the common ideology and goals for China, but they differ in how to reach the goals.
Depending on who has the power, sometimes they take more communist approach and sometimes capitalist approach.
Maoist era, especially Great Leap Forward, was more of the communist approach. However, because
Great Leap Forward failed, The CCP learned a lesson that people prefer more capitalist approach and decided to decentralize the economy.
The Government has to follow what the citizens prefer in order to raise the productivity, because they can not reach their ideal socialist state without
a stable economy. There are still contradictions between ideology and the tactics because decentralizing the economy
created problems that disturbs socialist idelogies. (income euality, access to health care, etc)
I think the government is still in a process of trying to balance one another.


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