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Has the Communist Party of China morphed into a fascist party?

Posted by Mika Utprand on July 17, 2001 at 20:46:18:

Setting aside for the moment the abhorrent racial policies of the Nazi Party, the question arises whether the CCP has evolved, or is evolving, into a classic Fascist Party. Historically, communist parties have always justified their claim to a monopoly of power on a revolutionary ideal of expropriating the means of production and apportioning the products of labor on a needs basis to the population, as well as the creation of a classless society.

In reality, in each case, a new upper class, or Nomenklatura, was created from Party members who, by virtue of their party connections, ran the commanding heights of government, business and the arts -- and shopped in special stores, etc. The masses remained simple units of labor and production, not human beings. In exchange for universal poverty, good education and abysmal medical care, the masses lost their freedom and their souls. Thus, in Nicaragua, the Sandinistas drove Volvos while the masses walked or took the bus (when they were running).

In China today, as I see it, the Party no longer has any excuse or even a theoretical basis for justifying its monopoly of power, as it no longer maintains central control of the economy, but rather mismanages a mixed economy. Corruption is pervasive from the bottom to the very top. As such, it has, in my view, evolved into the Corporate State, which was the hallmark of classic fascism.

Fascism, of course, was based on Labor, Big Business and the Church all being harnessed (bound together in the fasces) to serve the interests of the State. Private property was respected and protected. The basic support for the Party and its Government was an appeal to the glory of the country, its past, patriotism and a glorification of military prowess. Fascist states, including Italy, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain were powerful police states claiming a monopoly on power and suppressed all dissent. How is that different from present day China?

Communist China is -- and always has been -- a brutal police state. Its main hold on the people now is an appeal to nationalism and patriotism. We see that when Beijing was selected to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the kids were racing up and down the streets waving little red flags (not the Little Red Book). The spy plane incident was all about whipping up nationalist fervor and so is the nonsense about risking nuclear war over Taiwan and confronting the United States.

How does the CCP's main economic policy -- exploiting cheap Chinese labor to work in foreign-owned factories to earn currency with which to make the lives of Party members comfortable and to build up the military and the organs of repression -- square with classic Marxist-Leninist principles?

If the CCP is, in fact, a slick up-dated fascist organization, shouldn't we be as quick to condemn it as we are to condemn the slightest tendencies toward fascism in other countries, as with Joerg Haider's party in Austria? Can we be consistent, or must we close our eyes to reality because the CCP claims to be a party of the Left?

Query, suppose that prior to WWII the Nazis had spent greater effort explaining the socialist aspects of their National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party -- shouldn't leftists have supported the Nazis, as long as they didn't break the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939?

I hope these questions stir up some interesting comments. I am resigned to seeing knee-jerk doctrinaire answers and invective from self-styled "leftist intellectuals" rather than thoughtful response. Prove me wrong, put on your thinking caps, people!


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