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Re: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist?

Posted by Bindi Ramdyal on November 15, 1998 at 22:52:03:

In Reply to: Re: Are Communist Parties Anti-communist? [This message has been deleted] posted by Ming Helen on November 5, 1998 at 14:17:53:

: : : When we examine the histories of communist parties that have actually come to power
: : : we do not see much attempt to actually transfer control over the enterprise surpluses
: : : to the workers who produce that surplus (or, alternatively, perform the surplus labor).
: : : If communist parties do not foster communism, then why are they called communist parties?

: In order to argue that communist parties are, indeed, communist,
: one has to presume that these parties are representative of the
: people and acting in the interest of the people. Is this really
: possible without having a built-in mechanism for testing whether
: or not the people support the party's actions? Doesn't socialism
: require democratic rights?

Many 20th century communist leaders will argue that they are representing
the interest of the people. By removing the appropriating bourgeouis class
from society, they remove the blockade to freedom and equality. It is this
class in capitalism that promotes competition (of which Jaya wrote), which
is inherently unequal (i.e., survival of the fittest). The "mechanism",
that test whether they are serving their purpose, they would argue, is not
like the checks and balances that is prevalent in Western politics. In fact,
it is measured by other factors, such as equal access to education, health, etc.
The former Soviet Union has the one of the most highly educated population in the
world. Castro advocated providing equal healthcare access to communities in
Cuba that were at one time the most poverty-stricken areas of the country.
Even in China, there are benefits that are available to the population as a whole.

It is true that these "benefits" did come at the cost of individual
liberties...this is what communist abhorr, since it instills in the
individual a sense of competition, which will benefit one person, at the cost of
another, thus promoting inequality...


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