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Mao on Taiwan and it's miracle?

Posted by Ramnik on October 22, 2002 at 00:25:20:

Both China and Taiwan had extremely repressive regimes. After the Guomindang fleed to Taiwan, they maintained control there and with the anti-communist fervor helping them develop independently in the periphery of China. Didn't the economic success of Taiwan agitate Mao. How did he use his ideas of socialist conciousness which he placed higher than the growth of China's material prosperity to show that his rivals hadn't achieved much? Afterall the Chinese both from the countryside and the urban dwellers hadn't reaped any benefits from the five year economic plans- the great leap Forward(or the great stumble)or the Cultural revolution.
I *hope* that brings some debate about the type of comparative systems that existed on the mainland and the periphery both controlled by single parties.


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