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This webpage was designed by Marcia Catherine Schenck for the class “Global Challenges: Winners and Losers of Offshore Outsourcing” in Spring 2006 at Mount Holyoke College.


For questions, suggestions or comments please do not hesitate to contact Marcia Catherine Schenck at

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people:

- Noah Enelow for the time that he spent discussing Fair Trade with me

-Satyananda J. Gabriel Associate Professor of Economics for his inspiring discussion sections and insight
- Piper O’Sullivan, Celine Pastore and Yunnan Jiang for allowing me to publish their photographs

- FLO and Transfair for allowing me to use their images on my webpage

All the events mentioned above provided first hand knowledge, experience, and a chance to talk to people on both sides of the production chain.


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