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A Respectable Trade

Posted by Melanie LaFavre on October 9, 2000 at 14:15:19:

A Respectable Trade
(Outline of thoughts)

-In Britain and France during the (??) century the slave trade was a dominant and respectable business.

-The slave trader (Name) prays to God for the safe return of his slave ship. This signifies that he believes that his trade is moral.

-He tells his ship captain that he wants double the boats capacity in slaves in order to sell half the cargo to France. Doing that goes against the British flag and is almost considered piracy.

-He gets the slaves from Africa and sells them to plantation owners in Jamaica for rum and sugar. Any slaves that made it to England were used as handmaids and butlers and other such “servants”.

-The slave owner from Jamaica likes to have sexual “sport” with the female slaves.

-To the slave trader the death of a slave is merely a matter of money.

-The slaves are taught English and given good clothing and act like any other civilized being. Regardless they are still treated like horses for sale when they are being considered. The woman who wants a slave walks around Ruth and looks at her teeth and treats her like a workhorse she is looking to buy.

-In the slave trade the slaves have to be combined with a resource in order to be profitable. In this case the resource is service, entertainment, and other such things.

-At the slave trader (business man) social they talk about how an investigation of the cruelty of the slave trade. Only three people have come forth to testify about such cruelty. They all laugh saying that the end of the slave trade would be the un-toppling of the economic process in both Britain and France.

-The slaves in Jamaica are lucky if they last more than a fortnight.

-Even though the wife (name) feels the slave trade is cruel and wrong, and she sees them as human beings she still feels that the slaves are their property. When a slave “runs away” she gets upset saying that it was wrong of him to do so because he was their property.

-In the economic process of slavery the producer has control over productive resources just like feudalism and capitalism the difference is that those productive resources include human lives. There is a chattel relationship between slave and owner- labor is owned.

-When it is discovered that the slave has “run away” they send out men in search of him.

-Slavery works better with racism because it is easier to find somebody who stands apart when they “run away”.

-When Luke, one of the servants, gets very ill the wife has to call for the doctor in secret. This is because her husband would never approve of spending money on a doctor to take care of a savage slave.

-The slave trader gets word that his doubled up ship is returning with far to many slaves pack way too tightly, he is told that the slaves are in bad shape. He gets very excited at this news and gives a tip to the man who came to deliver it.




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