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A theory of my own.

Posted by Cindy Chan on September 23, 2001 at 17:40:14:

From the start of the class, Prof. Gabriel already suggested that his Econimcs in Film class would focus on the objective perspectives between Neoclassic and Marxian theories. At first being educated first in the Neoclassic principles I admit I was a little bias. However after seeing Matewan and reading the first chapter of the textbook I really made both theories my own. And just I still agree with some Neoclassic principles such as the idea that demand and supply are major ingredients to the outcome of capital. However I agree with the Marxian theories that perhaps supply and demand are the one-all determinant of progress. If we take Darwin into account, he said that evolution is indeed very complex and not a simple as we so believed so it would thus infer that perhaps economy, the invention of individuals in society, would follow the same pattern of complexity. Just as the some total of all our experiences shape us, the sum total of all elements (politcal, cultural, environmental processes. . .) affect our economy. But what of the Occam's Razor? This scientific theory suggests that the simpliest answer is probably the true one. First we have to define these terms in order to understand the whole picture. What applies to science does not necessarily work the same for economics. We are a world of definitions and in the end everyone is right and everyone is wrong.




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