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Re: Racism and Economics

Posted by Bobbie on September 28, 2001 at 02:23:40:

In Reply to: Re: Racism and Economics posted by Eleanor on September 28, 2001 at 01:53:03:

I think women's colleges still serve an important purpose. They provide women with a safe environment where they can develop leadership skills and cooperation. Males tend to dominate everything at coed institutions. The alumna network is also very useful.
But I believe that it would be better to have institutions and organizations that are not based on race. The NAACP is not restricted to Black people. But they should probably change their name, though. What in the world is a "colored" person anyway?
I think that racism is just another example of culturally produced preferences. It's all very artificial. But our lives are full of artificial things like that. We believe in lots of things that are not real. All those things are part of the economic system and the political system. In Norma Rae the workers were separated into distinct cultural groups by race but when they formed a union this seemed to change a little bit. People should all belong to the same institutions and groups based on shared needs, not on things like race.
Maybe I'm contradicting my first statement about women's colleges. But I still think it is different. Can anybody help me with this?

: If there were no women's colleges, are you saying that discrimination against women would not exist? What about the cases of "white" police officers shooting young "black" men? Would that stop if there was no NAACP? In other words, is it that people coming together in groups based on gender or race causes sexism and racism or is it that those people have already been lumped together in this way and then badly treated that causes them to form groups? And is it necessary for their survival that they form such groups?

: : I am under the impression that the reason that racism/sexism still exists is partially due to the fact that society incourages people to feel they need to ban together, or identify with some group to get ahead. The notion of conferences or aid for people of different ethnic groups furthers this racism. Maybe in the olden days when women could not go to school, women's colleges were needed, but I do not feel that women's colleges are nessicary for women to get an equal education today. Racism/sexism is just further enhanced if society convices ethnic groups or women that they need special programs to give them a fair chance. If everyone just believed that they were equal, and did not go to racist/sexist organizations for aid, racism/sexism would decrease.




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