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Re: free

Posted by Carole on October 2, 2001 at 21:50:12:

In Reply to: free posted by Biiftu on October 2, 2001 at 17:05:22:

As I understand it, the slave master dominated elite in the South started the Civil War because they were angry about some of the laws passed by the Congress. The Congress was dominated by the capitalist industrialists in the North, where the population was growing much faster than in the slave South. The Northern industrial capitalists wanted to restrict free trade to protect their own products from competition. They also didn't want to allow slavery to expand to the West. The slave masters needed to keep expanding slavery to maintain profit growth and they wanted to import cheaper manufactures from Europe. So they decided that it was time to get out from under the domination of the capitalists in the North and start their own country, where there were no restrictions on the growth of slavery. What gets me is that the poor farmers in the South thought it was in their interest to fight for the rights of slave masters.

: Based on the movie a respecable trade the only reason that slavery ended in Europe was because it was not as profetable as industrilizing. In the U.S slavery continued. The movie said it took a war 30 years latter to end it. Was the war more focused on the Norths ability to say slavery was wrong (since it was industralized did not need slavery), when the south relied on slavery. So in essens the war ws not based on the moral rights and wrongs of owning a person but on the ecconomics of it.




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