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Re: free

Posted by Julie Hall on October 4, 2001 at 23:17:25:

In Reply to: Re: free posted by blueflower on October 4, 2001 at 10:48:56:

I, too, wonder if the inhumane treatment of slaves had an impact on the abolishment of slavery as much as the loss of profit. I know that someone mentioned in class today that people may not have realized how bad slavery was because they were living in that time. She also mentioned that such occurrences may also be happening today without us realizing how horrible they are, although probably to a lesser degree. I agree that this is probably true, but can you give some examples of how this is occurring now, specifically in the U.S.?

: am so glad that Biftu brought that up. As she said based on the movie, slavery ended because it no longer produced huge amounts of surplus that were not used up. I was rather shocked by that statement. My question then is how much of an impact did religion and acknowledging that slaves were treated inhumane have on the ending of slavery (if any). Also, I do believe that one of the factors that helped to continue the existence of slavery was that many of the slaves were somehow thought to hate themselves and their fellow brothers. This is the only explanation that I could come up with for their failure to unite and rebel against such harsh treatments for so many years. The fact that tension exists between Afro-Caribbeans and African Americans in our society even further allows me to believe this.

: Professor Gabriel, I welcome your comments. People, please help me to make sense of the past.

: Based on the movie a respecable trade the only reason that slavery ended in Europe was because it was not as profetable as industrilizing. In the U.S slavery continued. The movie said it took a war 30 years latter to end it. Was the war more focused on the Norths ability to say slavery was wrong (since it was industralized did not need slavery), when the south relied on slavery. So in essens the war ws not based on the moral rights and wrongs of owning a person but on the ecconomics of it.




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