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Re: Capitalist Family

Posted by Kari Gilstad on October 28, 2001 at 23:29:42:

In Reply to: Capitalist Family posted by Alexandra Polly on October 24, 2001 at 15:53:53:

:I never thought that my family would be given the title, "Capitalist Family". I was given an allowance, for doing my chores around the house, and if i didn't do them, for whatever reason the money would be taken away. But, as stated before, it was almost a threat that was given in warning when the chores were not being done. if the chores were not being done, the money would not be there. itis just strange to think that the family situation could be a capitalist situation.
: One of the things I found interesting that was brought up in lecture on Tues was the idea of how families can use economic systems. This idea was first brought up in Mississippi Masala when Chandra(ownwer of the hotel) seemed to work with his family and also with employees to not only be capitalist but alos self employed. It was then mentioned in class that there are several possibilites for familes to be accociated with other economic systems.

: The example of a farm family- if all the family members all worked together and decided collectively what to do with their profits then they would be using a communist system.

: Another example of using the farm family would be if all the members in the family were forced to work for the rest of the family since they were born into that lifestyle then the leader of the family, usually the father decides what to do with the profits, then the family arranged in more of a feudal system.

: The one example I found most intriguing was the one of the Capitalist Family. Someone in class mentioned that by receiving an allowance the parents and children are participating in a capitalist exchange. For me this was particularly interesting because growing up in my house I was always offered an allowance if I had my room clean each week. As I grew up I probably received maybe 10 paymens of my allowance. This I thought could symbolize something that was said in lecture, that people do not want to do work and get paid for it. This was mentioned when discussing that violence is often used to make a community capitalist. If a long amount of time had passed and I had not cleaned my room my mother would threaten to ground me or to take away some of my privledges. I think that is kind of similar to using force to get a person to do the work. Even now as my parents still offer me allowance for doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and other odd jobs, they still find that in the end they end up
: cohearsing/threatening me to do the work.

: This has really made me think, I never imagined that as I and many other children were growing up they were involved in selling their time for basically waged labor.
: Very interesting? Anyone else understand where I'm comming from?




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