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Re: Flaws or System itself

Posted by Carole on November 10, 2001 at 15:35:34:

In Reply to: Flaws or System itself posted by Crystal Bourbeau on November 4, 2001 at 15:07:22:

You are mixing up theory and practice. Communism can't exist without democracy, but capitalism exists in lots of places without democracy. The only real examples of communism that were named in class were the Israeli kibbutz and the Spanish Mondragon systems. Both of these are democratic.

Maybe the problem is that we always think of capitalism in the United States, instead of in a country like Haiti, which was also mentioned for its capitalism.

: : I'm sure that many people in slavery said that we shouldn't change that system because it is the system we live in and we should just make it work for us. Personally, I'm just not willing to be so passive.

: : : : I dont really agree that capitalism is such a bad thing. it just depends on where in the ladder you happen to be. if your at the top, then capitalism is not so bad, you make money from the least amount of work. some people are actually happy to work as wage labor. there are actually people out there that enjoy the jobs that have. I know that I personally would not enjoy being out in a farm being self-employed. capitalism is the system that we live in, the only option is to make the system work for you. i personally feel that under any economic system, people are going to be exploited and taken advantage of. personally there are worst economic system than a capatalist system.

: Yes any system will have flaws, however Capitalism isn't unsuccessful for its inevitable flaws. I believe a lot of people who are against capitalism are so on a very fundamental level. For example, the system makes people comodify themselves and neglects to look at all factors of society when explaining economic fluctuations. Similarly, slavery and feudalism is wrong in its basic principles.
: However, communism seems right in theory, however as greed and corruption overtake the democratic ideals of communism, the flaws of the system can be fatal. By having everyone decide on how the surpluses are distributed if a totalitarian thinking government tries to put communism in place, the powerful win. At what level should we be looking at economic systems, in theory or in reality? Should we be striving for a communist system in a democratic state? How much does America's democracy and capitalism balance our country out?




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