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Re: Commodifying

Posted by Crystal Bourbeau on November 18, 2001 at 21:48:51:

In Reply to: Commodifying posted by Alexandra Polly on November 18, 2001 at 16:17:12:

: One thing that I found interesting in our class discussion in class on thursday was the idea of capitalism wanting to commodify a lot of things. It is good for capitalism to have people want things and want money for those things, this is what makes up part of our financial systems. The idea though that I thought was interesting was that indeed it does seem that more and more things are being commodified.
: Some of the things that have been commodified are babysitting(day cares)-paying someone else to raise/take care of your children. The online friend finder services offer friendships in return for a membership fee. Sex also has been commodified for many many years. Someone also mentioned that now fresh water is beginning to be commodified. Another example I know of has to do with schools, my highschool was a public school and they instituted a program that included that if students maintain a B average and less than 3 excused absences then they did not have to take their final exams. I thought this was a wonderful idea and I used it to my advantage, I thought this was a break for students willing to work hard. However one day I found out that they offered this because the school received a certain amount of money/reimbursment for each student that was in school. It turned out that the schools with the most students on a regular basis were rewarded in many ways. Though this is one example I again never realized that so much in our life has become commodified.
: Is the overwhelming amount of commidifying going on now really a good thing for our economy, or could it be not as beneficial for the working man??
: What do you think about the speed things are being commodified now??
Although it is an eerie feeling for me to know that people have created markets for nearly every aspect of life (or at least tried to). I think people also need to look beyond the fact that the few try to gain a profit off of it. I think when looking at this we also need to look at the percentage of the people involved that look at it as a way of making money versus a more valuable thing. For instance, although certain aspects of Mount Holyoke are involved in simple money making tactics, I need to evaluate the percentage of times that they have money in mind versus eductaing the women of today. Despite, certain times that Mount Holyoke looks to make profit (Parents weekend), I still look at it as a respectable institution. Most of the people involved in the institution are there for the eductaion rather than the scheming. Also if there were not such money geared interests, the institutions would not exist.




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