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Re: Society of debt

Posted by Biiftu Aba-jebel on November 26, 2001 at 01:45:42:

In Reply to: Re: Society of debt posted by Cindy Chan on November 24, 2001 at 08:59:11:

In general i think that you are right our ( American) Society is constructed so that people want to go out and buy thngs or get things that will make them go in to debt. I t is true that their are many who make a point of saving, however most of the money erned is not saved because the way society, almost programs people to think that they need things. I think i understand Cindys comment on possitive debt. If i am wrong please let me know. Do you mean the kind of debt where for example because some feel they are in debt to this country for all it has done for them they help out by goining the army? or they were forced to join the army? i guess there is a diffrence because patriotism would probably involve you volentering and not being forced to act as enforcer on your counties will.

: : I was thinking about the idea that we are being made to buy everything now. Like if it can be packaged, bottled, and sold its being done. People in society are told to buy, but most importantly they are told to want. What this does is create an enviroment where greed is good, and where there is no limit to what people will do to get material possessions. So as the want of people exceeds the actually amount of money that they have, and as they acquire more "necessities" they begin to buy things on credit. As they buy more things on credit they become engulfed in debt. The debt in the US at this point is the highest its ever been. Which brings me to my point. When consumers no longer have anymore money, or any credit to buy things then all that I can see is a downward spiral, much like that of the great depression.

: Debt has its goods and bads. I see how debt effects individual poverty but debt on a nationalistic sense can mean an investment in the country. Debt of the loyal-kind is what breeds patriotism. What do you think?




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